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              Some of our Referencces

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               Spintek is one of the premier IT service, consultancy and support provider, operating from offices on full coverage. We improve organizations' operations, enterprise and large, through our selected services, delivering security, mobility and productivity. We pride ourselves on offering in highest levels of both expertise and service under our brand SPINSER since 1997 on more than 2.000 customer base. 

              In order to keep up with the complexity of the Information Technology, it requires a profound and detailed knowledge base. Our Professional Service Specialists are here to provide an environmental tailored solution for your requirements.
              The strength of our Professional Service Team is in the conceptual design, realization and implementation of Data Management Solutions. In order to provide the best advice, we continue to stay up-to-date with the newest trends, constantly comparing and testing to ensure "best-in-class" quality.

              Our primary objectives are ;
                Knowledgebase on experience
                Continuous Training (See Our Certificates)
              For continuous development, we work on and provide Professional Services based on International Project Management Terms and SLA standards.
              We are also empowered by on-line ticketing, monitoring and reporting systems which our fast and productive services fit and based on our service points on 40 provinces.
              While applying our special procedures, we also build up our TSE (Turkish Standardization Institute) and Telecommunication Authority (TK) approved labs, demo centers and test systems where we can simulate almost all technical projects before go-live. With this power we can also provide the best quality Professional Services on 7 Days & 24 Hours with all SLA terms.

              We Provide ;
              Carrier Services Storage & Backup Services
              A-Z Projects Installation services Server & Computing Services
              Networking Services Voice Implementation

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