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              Some of our Referencces

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                Achieved Certificates 
              To be able to provide the right solutions and support that exactly match the customer needs, Spintek is continuously training and certifying its professionals in all its present and evolving product lines.  Some of our sales and technical  trainings and certificates are below. 
              Certificate Name Quantity
              Sun Sales Storage Training 5
              Sun Sales X64 Training 5
              Sun SL3000 Service Course for Mentors 2
              Sun Storage Tape Mid-Level Set-up & Maintenance 2
              Sun Storage Disk Mid-Level Accreditation 2
              Sun Solaris ZFS Administration 2
              EMC Networker BURA 1
              VMWare VCP 2
              Falconstor Field Engineer 4
              Cisco CCNA 2
              Cisco CCNP 1
              Cisco CCDA 2
              Cisco SMB 4
              Microsoft MSCE 3
              Microsoft MCP 2
              Microsoft MSCA 3
              Sycamore Field Engineer 1
              Alcatel ACSR 5
              Alcatel ACFE 2
              Alcatel Certified Trainer Certification 2
              IPC Field Expert 3
              Trend Micro xSP Certified 2
              Cipheroptics Field Engineer 4
              Vierling Administration & Support L3 2
              Nomadix Administration 2
              Nomadix Developer 1
              Tiesse Certified Field Engineer 5
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