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              Some of our Referencces

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              Carrier/ Service Providers Network Solutions


              Spintek with its experience since 1996 has established many services to service providers and carriers, including GPRS wide area networks, voice compression, Link compression, A-TER and A-BIS optimization, STM level link compression for bandwidth and signaling optimization purposes, Base station remote control solutions, SDH systems, Add and Drop multiplexer, Link (Layer 2) and IP (Layer 3) encryption, content encryption, helpdesk and ticketing solutions, billing solutions, media gateway and Wi-Fi access control solutions, centralized security solution for xSPs are example of some of our Service Provider solutions.

              For these solutions we are highly trained on:
              • Cisco ESR 10K and GSR 12K Routers
              • Cisco mid range edge routers and switches
              • Veraz Networks IP gateways and soft switch solutions
              • ECI DCME voice compression solutions
              • Sycamore Networks multiplexing products
              • Alcatel-Lucent data products
              • CipherOptics encryption products
              • Nomadix (full integrated with Fidelio) products
              • Trend Micro xSP service provider products
              • Anda Networks Concentrators, Core Router/Switch Solutions
              • Cannovate Seismic Zone 4 compatible Rackmount Cabinet
              • Valere Remote manageable Rectifier ans Power systems



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